Happy Friday (the 13th)!

Happy Friday the 13th, creepsters! 

The artwork drops in 15 minutes! Once it does, you can find ALL of the new vinyl toys, custom sculpts, hand-embellished prints, paintings, and giant hunks of meat all over here.

Also, the Order of the Dark Wheel is here! It’s a social club that runs of a currency of Souls, which you earn just by being on my mailing list. You, of course, can expedite the process by buying them or supporting me on Patreon, but it’s my way of giving back to those who have stuck around for a while, and you can turn in Souls for NFTs (if you have a Tezos wallet), raffle entries, and more. 

The first raffle is going to be on September 13th, so only long-time subscribers and Patreon members will have enough Souls to participate, but now’s your chance to jump in for next time, or snag some more Souls by purchasing stuff from the shop! So if you’re already a member, you can log in at the top of the site now. 

Hope you’re having an awesome end of the week, and thanks for checking out all the goodies. 

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