Friday the 13th celebration!

Ahoy, mighty evil-doers!

Here’s the formal announcement for the Friday the 13th (of August, 2021) shop drop!

I’ll be releasing 13 new pieces of art into the shop at 3:00pm PT!

I’m busily working on a new Mer-Rey one-off, a watermelon-themed baby-pony hybrid sofubi toy, a new customized toy from the old archives, a new release of little figures, a collection of short horror fiction, a giant prop, and some new paintings.

It’s utter MADNESS, and I’m excited to be bringing it all to you to celebrate the most evil of days, Friday the 13th.

Also, if you’re coming here expecting Jason Voorhees fan art, I hope you know you’re definitely for disappointment.

That said, I’ll also be rolling out The Order of the Dark Wheel, a cult for summoning evil gods a social club where a benevolent demonologists will be raffling off artwork to those willing to sacrifice Souls to the cause.

The inaugural raffle will include a one-of-a-kind 5×7″ screen print, a collection of signed books, and a custom shoggoth resin toy.

STAY TUNED, as more details will be announced on the 13th itself on how to enter and win stuff, and as I get the logistics worked out of everything this week.

Have an evil week!

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