Small Biz Saturday Sale

Yeesh, what a year, 2020, amirite? 

That said, it’s almost over, and even though there are a bajillion sales going on right now, of course I’ll jump on the bandwagon.  This is the EPC’s biggest sale yet – 50% off all pins.  

That’s right, limited edition pins, glow in the dark pins, skeeball pins, monster pins, if it’s a pin, you can use the code “smallbiz” to get 50% off all pins until 11:59pm PT on December 4th.  So go treat yo’ self or someone else who loves pins, and make 2020 a 1.65″ less craptastic than it is.

Regardless if you buy something now, or ever have, thanks so much for the support, and wishing you a fabulous December.  

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