Hi everyone.

So I just got in the April(!) pins, and while the 1 year anniversary was supposed to be a huge, cool project (I got a bunch of stickers made, the pins are color change, etc. etc.), it’s looking like these aren’t going to ship for a while, as the factory used the wrong color. Yup. I KNOW.

I’m also super behind on the story, and have been facing a huge block. Honestly, knowing the pins were going to be delayed again got me bummed out, and then as the story got later and later, and the May pins are still not here, I got more and more apprehensive about posting anything.This led to greater anxiety about posting, and basically led to a downward spiral of a total lack of communication, which is neither professional nor cool.

I really am truly grateful for all of your support, and while no one has yet to respond or ask where the pins are, my own standards of how I should conduct this business was sorely unmet, and I personally feel like I let each of you down time and time again.

After spending the last few weeks thinking about what to do (instead of just writing the damn story), I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to put the club on hiatus until October. What does this mean for all of you? All members are totally all paid up through May, and I have pins on the way, so if you’ll be patient, I promise I will ship the April and May pins and stories. If you’d rather grab a refund, I totally understand and will honor them, just give me a good Paypal address for me to send to you.

Other than that, for everyone on Patreon, you just have to wait it out, and if you’d like to continue being part of the Evil Pin Club, it’ll just start up again on October 1st, and you won’t be charged before then.

For everyone who is a member on the website, I will have to cancel your current recurring PayPal payment, and will email you when we start back up in October.

Why the four month break? To be honest, I wasn’t really prepared to launch in April of 2018 when I did. It really wasn’t financially viable, and I hadn’t even finished the first story, but once people started pledging, I didn’t want to take any money without delivering something, so I launched with only one story and two pin ideas. I was meaning to have multiple stories written and pins ready to go, but since then I’ve been playing catch-up for the past year (as you all have noticed from the sporadic shipping of pins).

I want to take the time to write stories I’m proud of, and make the coolest pin designs possible. By having such a tight deadline, I’ve always been rushing to finish, and while I think that I’ve still managed to write some good stories and make cool pins, constantly feeling the dread of another deadline has been killing me.

So I want to take the time to thank you for all of the support and understanding that you’ve been a part of over the last year. It really means a lot to us indie artists who have set out on our own to make something to have people like you in our corner.

I’m sorry for the lack of transparency/communication recently. All I can say is that I am, like everyone, a flawed human being who is just trying his best to make something that people love and I enjoy making. I super understand if you want to cancel your subscriptions/not renew, but I honestly think this is the best decision for the quality of the work (and my own sanity), so I hope to see you all back when I kick this off in October, when I can launch something I’m 100% proud of.

Anyway, I’ll wrap up, but please let me know if you have any questions or anything, or if you’d like a refund for April or May. I honestly think waiting for the color change pins are worth it, but really, I hate when things are late, and now that it’s probably going to be end of June/early July for those to go out – that’s frickin’ ridiculous. Thank you again for everything, and know that I appreciate everyone one of you.

Best, Rick

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