“Inside the Coil” – The January 2019 short story

So it’s 11:37 pm, and I’m obviously running out of time.  The feathered serpent has marked me, and once it finds me, I’m done.  Well, even if it doesn’t find me, I’m also done. As I dictate this, I already feel my left arm going numb, and my vision is starting to blur a bit.  It’s probably the venom from the bite.

Like I said, I can’t see too well right now, but it also looks like my left arm is turning necrotic.  There’s black shit oozing out of where it bit me, and I can see the poison spider-webbing out in my veins.  

Marcus is even in worse condition, as it had bit him on the neck.  His breathing had stopped almost immediately and he started foaming at the mouth.  His eyes rolled back, and he started convulsing and by the time I had dragged him to the jeep he was dead.  

Dammit, is this thing even on? Why can’t there be a little red light or something?  Stupid cheap recorder.

Okay, starting over.  

I’m pretty sure this is recording this time, but like I said earlier on my first attempt to record, I’ve been bitten by a Mesoamerican snake deity and its venom is pretty potent.  To be clear, I wasn’t really bitten, more so that its fangs scraped my arm, and that was enough to turn it black within twenty minutes or so. Marcus is sitting dead in my car. If you’re listening to this, you’ve probably already found him.  

I can’t feel my arm anymore.  I’m definitely going to die.

But I’m not important.  What is important is that you know that there probably are existing deities, or at least beings that early civilizations might confuse as gods, that are outside the current Black Wheel pantheon.  

So let me start at the beginning.

I was visiting Cholula to see if there was any information on resurrecting the Blood God.  As you probably know, it was the site of one of Cortes’ first massacres in North America, and due to its religious significance to the Aztecs, I wondered if there was any connection between the mythology behind Quetzalcoatl and any of the Black Wheel gods.  

The more and more I researched, the more and more it seemed like it was really just mythology – that there was no Aztec snake god, and that when the Cholula priests were planning on using their gods to kill Cortes, it was the classic story of “we’ll stab them when they’re sleeping, protected by gods” rather than “there is literally a giant snake monster who will kill them for us.”  

But that was before I met an abuela who claimed to be the descendant of Malintzin.  Yes, I know, La Malinche, Dona Marina, whatever you want to call her, but the original wife and translator for Cortes, meaning she claimed to know what really happened in Cholula four centuries ago.

[ Screaming ]

Sorry.  I had to tie the tourniquet tighter, gotta keep the venom from getting to my heart. Goddamn. Okay.  Where was I?

Ugh, so hard to focus. Let’s focus here.  Focus!

I befriended La Malinche’s descendant, and she told me the old gods were real.  I wasn’t sure if she was talking about their gods or our gods, but I stuck it out.  I spent a week bringing her pozole, fixing things around her house, and all the standard ways of getting oneself into someone else’s life.  

Did you know that pozole was served for special occasions only?  And back in the good old days of human sacrifice, it was human meat, especially the heart, that was used in the stew?  I wonder how human heart pozole would taste. With all of the comparisons to pork, I imagine it probably would be pretty similar to the pozole I brought the old lady.  

I figured with all of the human sacrifice, if I leaned enough into Aztec lore, I might find some summoning rituals for one of our own gods. And I know he’s not in our canon of historical members, but I figured with the way Cortes slaughtered people, he might be part of the Order as well, drumming up blood sacrifices like you could only do in the good old days.

Turns out, it seems like the only thing that Mexicans dislike more than Cortes and Dona Marina is Black Wheel cultists.  After hearing how the abuela talked about the history, I figured she’d be down with the cause, so I showed her the tattoo on my neck, and she freaked out.  

The old lady actually came after me with a knife. This ended poorly for her. She was really old, and I had to defend myself. I took the knife from her-  

Do you hear hissing?  I can’t tell if this hissing is in my head, some sort of auditory hallucination or something, or if there are fucking snakes in here.  

Do snakes rely on vision or smell?  I mean, they have eyes, I know, but don’t they taste the air when they flick out their tongues?  Can’t they see in the dark too? Don’t they see like, body heat? Shit.

[ Inaudible ]

[ 4:08 of silence, rustling ]  

Okay.  I realized I was going about hiding all wrong.  I had all the lights off, but that probably made me more of a target.  I just lit about a million candles, both lanterns I had, and started a fire in the hearth.  

It was a bitch trying to start the fire with one good hand and blurry vision, but thanks to the modern conveniences of lighter fluid, I’m good.  I also didn’t get bit by anything, so the hissing must have been in my mind.

Anyway, the pain is getting pretty bad, so I had better cut to the chase.  

After I killed the old lady, I found a bunch of historical records hidden throughout her apartment.  I’ve stashed them in locker A14 at the bus station I mentioned in my past update. Go there and you’ll see the actual summoning circle diagrams.

Remember, it needs to be human blood.  I tried it once with a goat sacrifice, but nothing happened.  I’m glad I started experimenting quickly. When the goat didn’t work, I filled up a ziploc with blood from the old lady and packed it in.  There should be a map to the specific alter as well.

Remember, this summons a giant snake.  If you decide to try this again, I highly suggest not having any standard symbols of the Order around, as I think that’s what really pissed it off.  

Also, it doesn’t seem to speak English or Spanish.  It speaks, but I think it was Nahuatl. This makes sense, as an Aztec god probably speaks the native Aztec language, but shouldn’t a giant, winged, feathered serpent be able to speak multiple languages?  

I guess magic doesn’t always make sense.  

So, long story short, this giant flying serpent was not happy to see my Black Wheel tattoo, but was even angrier when Marcus lost his shit and fired his rifle at it.  Good news – the bullets Marcus pumped into it hurt it, and it bled some sort of crazy green blood. Bad news – while it hurt the serpent, it didn’t slow it down any, and just pissed it off more, thus it went for him first.  Marcus swatted away the first blow, and we took off running.

We sprinted through the subterranean pathways -did I mention we were underground?  Well, we were. So we’re running, and Marcus is complaining about a cramp while there’s a giant snake god literally flying after us, and we just keep running.

I see the light of the halogen lights we set up outside of the digsite, and just as we’re almost there, Marcus screams out.  I turn and I see the serpent has bitten Marcus on the side, and is trying to pull him back underground.

Marcus manages to pull his knife from his boot and slashes at the snake, and he manages to wound its face and get it to let him go.  But this stuff is potent, Marcus is already collapsing, and as I grab him under the shoulders to drag him to the jeep, the feathered serpent is back again, and goes for another attack.


My breathing.  Getting harder.  To breathe.

I’m hearing hissing again.  Maybe a hallucination?


I manage to only get a glancing bite on the arm, but obviously it’s enough to kill me. I do..phew.  I do manage to wound it pretty badly. Stabbed it in the head! I think it headed back underground to die.  

Legends say if it dies, it’s only losing its physical form.  It lives forever. Meaning you can summon it again. Maybe you can use it as a weapon?  Drop it on whatever you need it to kill?

Perhaps you can study it.  Or the summoning process. Help us discover how to summon the Blood God?  

Who’s there?  

[ 0:34 of silence ]

I think I didn’t kill it after all.    

[ 0:18 of silence ]

Whether or not it’s here doesn’t matter.  I’m almost done anyway. I can feel death moving through me.  I’m dying. Fire’s going out, but I’m so hot. Can barely see anything.  

I hope this is still recording.  

Even if the serpent is still out there, learn how to summon it.  

[ Coughing ]

I want-  

My will has everything in order.  I’d ask you to tell Jackie I said good-bye, but she’ll ask too many questions.  

Oh god.

The hissing is so loud!  Can you hear it? It sounds like they’re surrounding me, but I don’t see anything.  Where are they?

[ Coughing ]

It sounds like it’s right here?  It has to be in this room!

Shit.  I think this is it.  

[ Coughing ]

Let the crimson tide wash over me.  And carry me to the distant shores of-

[ Inaudible ]   

It’s here!  The eyes! [ Screaming ] It’s inside of me! It burns!   

[ 0:37  of silence ]

[ Indecipherable mutterings ]  

[ In a similar voice, phonetics only ] Nona kayo. Tayo aya.  Tomy keh ee. Tuh leh?

[ End of recording ]  

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