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In a room in the House of Mors a dark wizard sits upon a dark throne, dreaming of an undead army numbering 666 to take over the world.

Given that there isn’t a lot of light inside a house of the dead, the dark wizard strains his eyes to begin the ritual.

The wizard begins to chant the ancient incantation, and continues to chant for a really long time. As the portal opens, three shambling nightmares stumble forward, their forms difficult to make out in the darkness.

“Phew, that was a lot of work” the dark wizard thinks. “Perhaps I can just make twelve of these or something..that should be enough, right? Maybe I won’t conquer the world, but I can just hire them out as a demonic side hustle or something?” 
Like any other blind box, this listing is for a pack of three mini-prints (4.72″ x 4.72″) selected from the possible 12 prints, with a chance to snag a hand-painted 1/1 unique painted print as well!

Packaged in a yellow envelope that’s been hand-printed via carved stamp.

Click through the gallery to see the odds of your favorite army member – most have the same rarity, with a few chase editions!

Also, buy three packs and use code “HORDE” to get $5 off your purchase.
Ships in a stay-flat board envelope.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4.72 × 4.72 × .25 in


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