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In the search for easy prey a thief targets three women, only to find himself on the other side of the hunt.

When a summoning ritual goes wrong, a cultist discovers that his gods might not be the only entities around.

A greedy executive who decides to cross the line to build an oil pipeline finds himself biting off more than he can chew.

A cruise-goer suddenly finds herself fighting for her life – and the fate of the entire world.

These short horror stories, plus nine more, are collected here to bore into your flesh and nest themselves in your mind. From new takes on mythological creatures like the wendigo and Krampus to original creations like an un-killable tyrant and a titanic aquatic behemoth, these stories critique our modern world while also unleashing nightmares that will haunt your dreams. With witches, demons, aliens, evil gods, and more, are you brave enough to taste each of these Tender Morsels?


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