Skeeball soft enamel pin


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Sure, skee-ball is an amazing game, rolled from coast to coast, anywhere from bars to Chuck E Cheese’s, but how is it evil?  Uh, well, this one is an EVIL skee-ball.  Yeah, totally EVIL.  Not a normal skee-ball at all.  It’s EVIL!!

To be honest, it’s really not very evil at all, and it’s really just that Rick is a nationally-ranked skee-ball competitor (no seriously, this is a real thing), and he loves skee-ball, so he made a pin of one.  He hopes you like the game as much as he does!

Soft Enamel
1″ (25mm)
1 post
Rubber clutch

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .37 in


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