Arctic Champion – Mer-Rey One-off resin toy


Mer-Rey: Arctic Champion is the second colorway of Mer-Rey as a one-of-a-kind painted resin art toy.

His frost-bitten skin are shades of blue and purple, yet his eyes still glow red even covered in a blanket of snow as he makes his way from the warming poles.   Thawed from rising global temperatures, the Arctic Champion seeks revenge on humanity for the irreparable damage done to the climate and the Earth.

With the ability to breath both above the surface of the ocean as well as below it, no one is safe from the mighty wrath of this one-frozen apex predator. Mer-Rey’s ability to manipulate its cellular structure allows it to change its skin into a carapace capable of withstanding nuclear bombs, being frozen in arctic ice for millennia, or create new, deadlier appendages from existing ones. Neither running nor hiding will save you – Mer-Rey’s claws are able to rip through steel plating, its eyes can see in multiple spectrums of light, and it can swim at a top speed of 500 miles per hour.

Mer-Rey’s only known weaknesses are a parasite that can disrupt Mer-Rey’s control over its cellular structure and a flower that grew in the far north, but due to the climate crisis, there are no known specimens left.


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Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8.5 in


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