Orders and Returns

Do I need an account to place an order?

Nope!  Making an account is easier in that it keeps all your shipping info and good stuff like that, but otherwise you can always check out as a guest.

Who should I Contact with Questions?

I know I say “we” a lot, but it’s really a one-overlord show over here.  Emailing rick@evilpin.club is the best way to get your questions answered!  Alternatively, if you’re an Evil Pin Club member, you’ll have access to the community Slack and Discord, where you can always drop questions in the appropriate channels, or DM me directly. 

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

For all shop orders, if you suddenly need to change or cancel your order, please email rick@evilpin.club as quickly as possible.  If we can fix stuff before the order is processed and shipped, no harm, no foul!  

How Can I Return a Product?

While we stand by our products and believe that they will be everything you ever want and more, if you need to return a product, please contact us within 5 business days of receiving the item, and then ship the item back, unused and in its original packaging.   We will refund the total price of the item(s) returned.  You, however, are responsible for shipping the item back to us.  We’re not Zappos, sorry. If there is a defect (broken post, major scratch) or something like that, please send us a photo of the damage via email, and we’ll go from there to make you happy.

Shipping Information

How Do You Ship?

All pins are sent via USPS 1st class mail in protective mailer.  Orders from the webstore are shipped within 1-2 business days, with the exception of all apparel (hats, hoodies, and tees). Our apparel is printed/embroidered to order, so please add an additional 3-5 business days.  Apparel ships from our fulfillment center, separate from any other products (art toys, books, pins).

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

However long it takes for a package to get sent from Pasadena, CA (the location of the Evil Pin Club Secret Lair) to you is how long it’ll take (unless you’re ordering apparel..see above).  If you need some expedited shipping, definitely let us know prior to placing an order so we can make sure we can accommodate you. 

Do You Ship Internationally?

We most definitely do.  Please be aware of the high cost of international shipping though, as shipping usually starts around $13 USD. Please note we are not responsible for any taxes, tariffs, etc. you might have to pay for importing products from the United States.  I know the shipping rates suck, and I’m looking into eventual solutions for VAT, etc. if there is a large enough demand, so let me know!

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

For pins, art toys, or publications, It’s all United States Postal Service 1st class here, my friend.  If you really need something expedited, please let me know.

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We use Stripe, PayPal, and Square to process payments, meaning that any major credit card is accepted, and you can also pay from PayPal and SquareCash.

Do You Keep My Credit Card Info?

I don’t even get to see that stuff. If our payment partners keep that info, then good for them, but tokenized, encrypted data may be kept on our SSL-protected server.

Other Questions 

Did You Really Make Pacts With Evil Spirits?

What do you think?

Do You Have Brand Ambassadors?

I don’t right now. Do you love the EPC? Want to become an Ambassador?  Contact me and we can talk!

Will you share photos that I take with your pins?

Most definitely!  Send photos of the pins my way and I’ll totally throw them up on Instagram and Facebook!  Just make sure to tag me (@rickkitagawa) and let me know who I should credit. I mean, unless you don’t want me to?  I’m not sure why, but if you’d like to share a photo of my pins in the wild, but don’t want me to share them, just let me know!  I’m a big fan of consent, so I shall respect your wishes!

Do you ever do collaborations or stuff like that?  Joint ventures?  Team-ups?

Yo. I love working with rad people on cool projects, especially if there is a horror theme and social good aspect to it.   I’m always open to talking with people about projects. I can’t guarantee everything will be a perfect fit, but if you have a project you’d like to work together on, please shoot me an email at: rick@evilpin.club.  

What Charities Do You Support?

Awesome question.  We try to spread the love around as much as we can, but the main organizations that I donate to using a portion of sales are: The Center for International Environmental Law; Adopt-A-Classroom; RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network); Planned Parenthood; and Charity: Water.

Can I get my Horror WITHOUT the Politics, please?

Ah, sorry, you’re probably in the wrong place.  Horror is historically political by nature, so if you’re not a fan of the social commentary in 28 Days Later, Get Out, Pretty Young Woman, Ex Machina, or The VVitch this probably is not for you. Please be aware that representation of minorities really matter to me. So while I try not to get heavy handed with stuff, the stories (and thus the pins that come with it) are by my very nature, political.  Whether I’m criticizing sexism in the workplace, homophobic bullying, or climate change, I use horror as a medium to both excite, scare, and make people think about the way the real world works.  Best of luck on finding stories devoid of any political meaning!