Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th, y’all!  While I’ve been super deep in NFT world (come on over and join me on the Tezos blockchain), I’ve also got some new toys dropping to celebrate!  Creepy Giant, a meat-themed, 12″-tall behemoth is one of the three new drops. There are also a micro-run of 2 Cthulhus in a […]

Happy Friday (the 13th)!

Happy Friday the 13th, creepsters!  The artwork drops in 15 minutes! Once it does, you can find ALL of the new vinyl toys, custom sculpts, hand-embellished prints, paintings, and giant hunks of meat all over here. Also, the Order of the Dark Wheel is here! It’s a social club that runs of a currency of […]

Friday the 13th celebration!

Ahoy, mighty evil-doers! Here’s the formal announcement for the Friday the 13th (of August, 2021) shop drop! I’ll be releasing 13 new pieces of art into the shop at 3:00pm PT! I’m busily working on a new Mer-Rey one-off, a watermelon-themed baby-pony hybrid sofubi toy, a new customized toy from the old archives, a new […]

Small Biz Saturday Sale

Yeesh, what a year, 2020, amirite?  That said, it’s almost over, and even though there are a bajillion sales going on right now, of course I’ll jump on the bandwagon.  This is the EPC’s biggest sale yet – 50% off all pins.   That’s right, limited edition pins, glow in the dark pins, skeeball pins, monster […]

New year, new stuff

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a head’s up, since I realized I haven’t posted here in a while.  First off, we’re discontinuing the monthly pin club.  There’s a lot of reasons why, but I mainly felt like I wasn’t designing the best pins I could, and I wasn’t telling the best stories that […]


Hi everyone. So I just got in the April(!) pins, and while the 1 year anniversary was supposed to be a huge, cool project (I got a bunch of stickers made, the pins are color change, etc. etc.), it’s looking like these aren’t going to ship for a while, as the factory used the wrong […]

“The Spotted Growth” – the March 2019 short story

It started out as a small red bump.  Richie thought it was a pimple. Richie had never had a pimple on the side of his neck before, but skin was skin, and he had heard of pimples on people’s eyelids before, so this didn’t disturb him, besides the general itchiness of it.  No one mentioned […]

“Blackheart The Undying” – the February 2019 short story

Marsha ducked into the small bookshop to avoid the pouring rain.  It had been a long week, filled with too many overdraft penalties, breaking her phone, and of course, forgetting her bus pass at the office the day she forgot her umbrella at home.     The rain was really coming down now, but Marsha figured […]

“Inside the Coil” – The January 2019 short story

So it’s 11:37 pm, and I’m obviously running out of time.  The feathered serpent has marked me, and once it finds me, I’m done.  Well, even if it doesn’t find me, I’m also done. As I dictate this, I already feel my left arm going numb, and my vision is starting to blur a bit. […]

“A Krampus Christmas” – the December 2018 short story

Mikey opened his eyes, and he realized his body was cramped.  He tried to move, but found that he was inside some sort of a rough canvas bag that scratched at his face and hands and feet.  Sure that it was a bad dream, Mikey pinched his cheeks hard, but just yelped in pain. He […]