Snake God – Blood God variant, soft enamel, limited edition pin


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The  serpent god with venomous fangs and wings is a protective entity that has waged war with the Black Wheel demons for centuries.  Given the name of Quetzelcoatl by humans, the snake god is not easily summoned, and exactly deadly vengeance against its foes.

The largest pin in the Evil Pin Club, this 2″ pin is a great centerpiece to let the Black Wheel cultists know who’s side you’re on. This blood god variant celebrates the bloody vengeance on colonizers and cultists alike.

Limited-edition of 30
Soft Enamel
2″ (51mm)
Backstamped + laser numbered
Backing card w/numbering
2 posts
Rubber clutches

Read the story that features this pin here!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2 × 1.78 × .5 in


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