Deathcap – 1-up variant, limited-edition, soft enamel pin


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The Deathcap is a deadly parasitic fungus that grows on animal-based tissues. It is a sentient mushroom with sharp teeth on the underside of its cap that it uses as a deterrent for removal.  Many know it for its spotted appearance, but more know it for the fact that it is a mushroom that reacts with deadly force.

The “1-up” subspecies is known for its green cap and white spots.  It is often used in an elixir that grants unheard-of restorative and healing effects, especially used by adventuring plumbers.

Limited-edition of 30
Soft Enamel
1.65″ (43mm)
Backstamped + laser numbered
Backing card w/numbering
2 posts
Rubber clutches

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Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1.65 × 1.65 × .5 in


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